For Millennium Kindred have played their games, and no more so then in Rome the heart of the old Camarilla Empire.

Yet what about the towns and cities around Rome, surely they have their own stories to tell, their own collection of monsters playing their games of politics to see who rules the night.

This is such a story, of the city of Treni, a city almost 2 hour drive from Rome. Known for its trade and forward looking green policies. However it’s home to some very ancient monsters, some who were around to see Rome burn safely from a distance.

Being so close to such a seat of power, many vampires stop here and find themselves drawn into the local power plays. The city support more Kindred then it should, held in check by a powerful Prince with very little tolerance for failure. Thanks to his Rule the Invictus have stood strong since the founding of this small empire and even during his slumber does it barely waver.

The Lance of course hold prominent positions, their kind always using their Ancient ties to the Invictus to get things to sway their way. They don’t have a strong a grasp as they would like however as there are powerful Crone within the city that get their way more often then the Lance would like. Ancient ties between the Hirophant and the Prince seem to be all that holds back a full confrontation at times.

The Carthian’s have a decent number as well, though they’re barely acknowledge at court despite their growing powerbase. Many of them want to strike out, but due to their military like structure they are held in check waiting for the right moment, what that will be no one really knows.

Finally the Dragons have recently been offically acknowledged within the city. Only a few members of theirs have come forward so far, before being hidden in the ranks of other Covenants, but as their numbers grow so do their allies willing to speak out for them.

Termoil of course is building as the modern world pushes down on such a crowded city, can the secrets of the Kindred be hidden still when every man, woman, and even child has a camera in their pocket and the ability to send it in a click? How long can the Masquerade last when it just takes one fool to ruin it for everyone?


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